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A new gold standard for online education

At Advanced Solutions Technical Institute Online Education, our gold standard equates to your bright future. We believe that everyone deserves a high-quality education and have designed an innovative online learning experience with your success in mind.

Same content, upgraded delivery

Our Certificate and Certification Programs are effective, flexible and smart. Unlike a standard online lecture, ASTI online courses are highly interactive, engaging each student and ensuring the subject matter is fully understood. This structure also facilitates interaction with the highly recognized faculty on campus and classmates to encourage learning through collaboration. It was specifically designed to provide access to the vast academic, research and career resources that ASTI offers – to anyone, anywhere

The leading online Education

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute Online is for students from all walks of life who want to achieve a high quality, highly regarded Certificates and Certifications education while balancing their life with other responsibilities.

Our approach

ASTI Online works with instructional designers to create courses that are unique to the subject matter & the student.  From the very beginning, students are set up to reach their full potential.

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