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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

New ideas for innovation grow out of the mind of each new generation, but sadly, many bright minds are lost due to an inability to access a proper education. Therefore, Advanced Solutions Technical Institute is dedicated to providing financial assistance to those students who are willing to turn those ideas into innovative changes. We here at A.S.T.I. fully understand the difficulty of obtaining a globally recognized education, at an affordable price. A.S.T.I. strives to provide the ideal solution to the varied financial needs of our students, through a wide array of readily available financial options.

1). Payment Plans.

A.S.T.I. is keenly aware of the financial burden of enrolling into a tertiary institution and the delicate balancing act of paying for your studies while budgeting for your other daily expenses. Therefore all of our Award, Certificate and Diploma programs come with the financially friendly Student Payment Plans, where your daunting academic fees are broken down into manageable bite-sized payments that are far easier on your pocket! Simply pay the relevant program’s level down payment prior to starting your course, and pay the balance off in super easy installments before the end of that said program. It’s THAT SIMPLE AND EASY! Click HERE to see the breakdown of your favorite course, as well as the duration to pay off the balance!

2). Partial Student Scholarships.

Another great way we here at A.S.T.I. has you, the student squarely in mind, is through our Partial Student Scholarships that are also offered to several Award Certificate, Certificate, and Advanced Diplomas. At A.S.T.I., we are strongly shaped by the central belief of the late Indonesian philanthropist Ciputra, who once stated ‘a dream can never become an innovation if there is no realization’. Too much potential is lost due to lack of opportunities; A.S.T.I. wishes provide those opportunities to all new students who may experience financial challenges. Students must meet several other criteria to qualify for a scholarship, as listed below:

  • Qualify academically for the course.
  • Be recently employed, OR,
  • Be committed to active entrepreneurship, OR,
  • Be presently active in the ideal field of study, OR
  • Successfully completed one of the earlier pre-requisite courses along our laid out Academic Paths.

An A.S.T.I Partial Student Scholarship is awarded to those students who are willing to begin immediately, but due to the limited space available, you need to enroll with the Institute within one (1) week of pre-qualification to secure the scholarship. Students who have been successfully granted a scholarship must maintain their grades, as determined by their respective courses. Feel free to speak to any of our Student Admissions Counsellors to determine if you pre-qualify for HUGE REDUCTIONS on your tuition fees!

3). Military Matriculations. 

Due to the work and services done in relation to the telecommunications and electronics field, especially with some of the more niche equipment and training, the Institute has often worked alongside those brave servicemen and women currently enlisted in the military, both here at home and further abroad. In an appreciation of their dedication, the branches of the Protective Services can also benefit through enrolment with any of our available courses. We here at Advanced Solutions Technical Institute salute them and will actively continue in supporting them in their future endeavors.

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