Application Procedure

Applying to Advanced Solutions Technical Institute

Before you apply:

We understand the excitement with joining the ASTI family but first we need to make sure you know what you are getting into. Ensure you are aware of what courses are being given and under what respective departments. Feel free to review with the view all courses button below or click HERE to go directly. If you’re still unsure or uncertain about what to pursue feel free to contact us through our social media links below or call and schedule an academic advising session with our academic advisor.

Ensure you know what financing options are available by checking our Financial aid section or click HERE to go directly

Certification has become a huge deal in Trinidad and though our lecturers preach QUALIFICATION over CERTIFICATION we have taken both under consideration bring quality courses that meet industry standards and are accredited by international bodies. You should also review the various levels we offer which dictate what type of program you should pursue such as a diploma program vs a certificate. To review these levels click HERE.

Application process:

  1. Ensure you have read the relevant sections in the “Before you Apply” section.
  2. To Pre-register is as easy as possible:
    1. Ensure you bring the original and photocopies of TWO FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION
    2. Academic qualifications
    3. Two letters of recommendations
  3. After pre-registering your information is logged with our administration staff. Ideally you should contact us as a follow up. Our admin staff is capable but small and still growing. With the large influx of students it takes time to get through everyone.
  4. Schedule an academic advising session to discuss your course options and goals with our academic advisor.
  5. After you have been settled into a specific course (or education path) complete the full registration in office. Note for the in-person registration which can be the same day as your academic advising.
  6. A student contract will be developed which will cover your requirements as a students, legal policy, payment plan (for more information click the financial aid page for more information).
  7. Once your registered (regardless of a normal or private class simply await your first class/orientation, feel free to keep in touch and confirm. Additionally a week prior to your start date we will confirm your class as well. Bear in mind for niche courses it takes time to build a class. Sure it may be easy to fill our class for hybrid electrical or renewable but aviation electronics or introduction to 5G is a bit harder so bear that in mind when signing up. Our administrative staff will keep in touch and keep you updated for our more niche classes.

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