While it will be hard to say goodbye, just know we’re not saying this is the end…

To us here at Advanced Solutions, to call our graduates ‘family’ goes well beyond the cliché. From that initial spark of interest that once gleamed in their eyes when they first showed interest in undertaking such a bold and courageous life-changing decision, and they established contact with one of our Student Admission Counselors; to that profound moment when they have proudly received one of our globally recognized, fully accredited certificates, we stood alongside them, every challenging step of the way. Together, they all came this far, and don’t expect us to simply see them off into the wider world without an adequate support system implemented to ensure that their time and effort here was never done in vain.

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Showing our entrusted students that we have their absolute best interested at heart, right from the start, is done through our Partial Scholarship Incentive Program, which means that students who fulfill their promise to pay within one week of the appointed enrollment date for any given course, means that they pay so much less, overall! For further information on how you can greatly benefit through our Partial Scholarship, click HERE

ASTI alumni also receive the benefits of discounted education. After your first graduation you have proven yourself at the top but you have also recognized the need to stay there. To accomplish this you’d need to diversify, specialize, broaden your skill set and where better to accomplish this. As such we offer discounted courses and benefits such as ease of matriculation and advanced scheduling for our alumni.

We here at A.S.T.I. pride ourselves in providing all our students with the most proficient and up to date industry standards and practices utilized by the technicians while they are in the field. We also strongly believe as well that their training and knowledge never stops once our graduates leave the classroom, hence why we have partnered with several industry titans in the relevant fields of telecommunications, renewable energy, security technology, data and digital processors and automotive retailers, to provide ample training beyond the classroom. Students are given the opportunity to work as apprentices in their respective interests during a set timeframe to acquire as much technical and technological expertise, as well as afterward as paid interns afterwards. We have also worked with successful graduates who have gone on to successfully open their own businesses to further provide real world opportunities for current underclassmen to obtain the competent training that is in very high demand, both here and beyond our shores.

As modern technology continues on its rapid pace forward our students will be required to meet that demand academically over time. That may include the need to further advance their studies or skills overseas and such good news for all our students leaves us swollen with pride. If you are one of those fortunate to further your studies abroad, keep in mind all our programs, regardless of the level, do carry academic weight. Simply put, these courses all go to determine your undergraduate degree or post graduate studies at several of our globally recognized partner institutions. And our certificates are also recognized, respected and trusted by quite a few companies on the outside as well, so that goes a very long way in establishing yourself as a suitably trained, technical savant who can proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the very best the world has to offer. Lastly, to us here at A.S.T.I., our alumni are more than just graduates. In every sense of the word, they’ve become our family and just like every family, we must ideally look out for each other. A.S.T.I. keeps in close contact with our graduates to ensure they are kept up-to-date with all the latest news from industry, career advice and placement, to socio-political shifts in the country. Advanced Solutions Technical Institute continuously strives to be an academic leader, shattering the stigma which surrounds the technical fields. Our alumni reflect that ideal and strive for it not just locally but internationally. Some of our key lecturers are even former students whom have gone on and contributed immensely to their relevant industry, and have quietly returned with decades’ worth of knowledge, to pass on such invaluable information, training and expertise to guide, mold and enlighten their fellow underclassmen. Daily our network continues to grow and develop, allowing both current and past students to interact, exchange ideas and revolutionize the industry as we have done so many times.

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December 2, 2019

Website Re-launch

Posted on: December 2, 2019

We've launched our new website with all the information you will need to get started on your next course, feel free to browse through our course information and you can contact us or sign up online for further information on our programs.

Website Re-launch

December 2, 2019

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October 28, 2019

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October 28, 2019

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October 28, 2019

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October 28, 2019

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