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Pursuing an education whether you are fresh out of school, someone the education system failed, in the industry for years or trying to break into one, is always a daunting task. You’re wondering:

Am I making the correct choice?
Is this the right path?
Is it just another school?
Should I go back to school after all this time?

You are not alone when you ask yourself these questions or more. We can’t tell you what to do, no one can or should. What we can do is provide the options and a guiding hand with our expert staff and lecturers. What we can say:

“With our extensive list of courses there is a course that’s right for you
and unlike every other school that churns out numbers our pride lies on
meeting our student’s expectations. With 100’s of graduates
performing in the industry not just locally but internationally. ASTI
takes prides in its alumni which strive to transform and break the
stigma associated with alternative education routes” 

If you’re still uncertain and unease feel free to run through our social media where we showcase our courses and classes so you can see if ASTI is right for you. Of course you’re no stranger to the internet and you know everything needs a healthy dose of skepticism, you’re bold enough contact us and schedule a session with our academic advisor. With decades of work in the education sector encouraging students to pursue their goals our advisor can help sort through what YOU want to do so you can determine if ASTI is he right path for you.

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