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Making an impact to provide great technical studies

Welcome to Advanced Solutions Technical Institute, where we strongly believe that the future is yours to shape, today. Indeed, if tomorrow is inevitable, that makes the present the BEST TIME TO CHANGE YOUR FUTURE!

Without change, innovation is nigh impossible; there can be absolutely no spark of creativity, which creates room for improvement. Therefore, those who truly desire to make that change will stand to benefit and gain an ideal opportunity to effectively manage the inescapable change that’s to come.

As the premier technical institution, we here at A.S.T.I. aim to redefine the academic strata of Trinidad and Tobago’s educational system, by offering students a diverse range of technical training and education, specially designed with a malleable, technically defined future in mind. Supported by two decades’ worth of distinguished and unmatched training in the fields of:

                • Telecommunications
                • Electrical and Electronic Technology
                • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology / Diagnostics
                • Fiber Optics Technolgy
                • Network Security
                • CCTV Technology
                • Media Design
                • Business 
                • Corporate Training

                Advanced Solutions Technical Institute aptly prepares you for the most lucrative industries, currently in a global high demand, such as telecommunications and fiber optics and mobile app development. We also provide strong and academically sound training in several telecommunications-based areas, such as networking, structured cabling, security network systems, broadband, and fiber optic systems, providing prospective students with a combination of both the theoretical aspects with hands-on training. With our fully equipped, functional labs, fully certified and accredited courses modeled after international standards and taught by our well-respected lecturers, our equally professional and welcoming staff strive to provide all students with the best possible environment, geared to foster success. 

                RESEARCH IT, LEARN IT, MAKE IT.

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                At ASTI, you'll discover there's an energy that runs through everything and everyone.

                Certificates that equip you with real-world skills

                ASTI delivers and accompanies students through structured programs that incrementally and holistically build their skills, prowess and proficiency in different fields of technology, ensuring that upon advancement of each level, the student is confident, competent and qualified to operate in the field.

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                Professionally trained staff and lecturers

                Our experienced and knowledgeable team of administrators, educators, consultants and staff stay ready to match your needs. Our team ascribes to the vision of ASTI and are willing to go the distance and exceed expectations.

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                24/7 Access to our abundant study resources

                We understand the importance of research to fully grasp which ever topic you are enlisted for, thus our large library of study material is available to all ASTI students both online and at our schools.

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                We invite the inciters of change and disrupters of the ordinary to start their journey to mastery.

                In Our Labs and Our Classrooms, Big Ideas Are Born.

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                Working towards your future

                In the modern age new technologies are rolling out every day and changing the world around us. Our goal is to train YOU into the force that will break the cycle and pull Trinidad and Tobago from the brink of technological deficiency..

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