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The Technology Scope in T&T

IN CASE you didn’t know, Trinidad & Tobago is ripe with opportunities in the technology sector and now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor if you’re thinking about starting or changing careers. We’re not only talking about opportunities for jobs in the industrial, commercial or private sector but also real opportunities to start your own business, take on sub-contract projects or even freelance.

Quite simply, the world we live in revolves with technology. Can you imagine life with out it? Your desktop computer, your laptop, your car alarm, your GPS, your cell phone, your office phone system, your office network, your PS3 and WII- there is hardly a facet of our daily lives that’s not touched from the time we awake in the morning.

Now guess what, do you think it’s going to get any less in the future or grow even more? Right now in Trinidad & Tobago there is a real need for Telecom Engineers, Telecom Specialists, IT Specialists,, IT Administrators, PBX Installers, Wireless Professionals, Broadband Specialists, Fiber Optic Professionals, Alarm Technicians and the list goes on. As we build more industrial plants, expand manufacturing capacity and look to modernize operations, the writing on the wall couldn’t be clearer about the potential.


Advanced Solutions Technical Institute is the only school in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean- that’s right, the ONLY school- that offers such a unique and comprehensive combination of technology programmes. We have trained hundreds of individuals seeking to improve their knowledge and earning capacity while also being the institution of choice for companies like TSTT, TTEC, Cable & Wireless, Digicel for staff training. We’re also truly Caribbean, having conducted training sessions in St Lucia, Antigua, Barbados which givesour students great opportunities for employment or business with our Caricom neighbors.


With flexible payment plans and short courses as well starting at $2,500 TT that you can complete in as little as 6 weeks. Think about it, you can start your own business in less than 2 months and we’ll help you with the advice to get it off the ground. We’ve also partnered with RBTT to make financing available and we’re also working to have more courses eligible for GATE. It’s your move…