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Commercial Audio Technician (CAT)

Commercial Audio Technician (CAT)

The Commercial Audio Technician (CAT) is a certification for sound system technicians who need to design, install and troubleshoot speech and music sound systems in commercial and institutional environments. Commercial Audio Technicians must be knowledgeable in Acoustics, Microphones, Speakers, Sound & Measurements, Wiring, 70—Volt Systems, Troubleshooting, Safety, Codes and Standards.

Avionics (AVN)

The avionics specialty is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of individuals who install, maintain and adjust electronics equipment, cabling and the accessories used in aviation communications and control equipment. An FCC GROL is also highly recommended. Several of the topics covered in this examination include: Avionics Systems, Cabling, Computers and Digital Concepts, Amplifiers, Interfacing, Antennas and Transmission Lines Components, Mathematics, Network Topologies and Infrastructures, People Relations, Optical Cabling, Safety, Test Equipment and Tools and Satellite Communications.

Gaming and Vending

The gaming and vending technician certification is intended for entry level technicians with a sound background in electronics. Technicians will work in the field to troubleshoot, repair and calibrate gaming and vending type equipment. Money handling, basic electrical, circuitry, computer hardware and software, and safety are topics included in this certification. The GVT is a standalone certification and must be maintained every 4 years.

Electronic Vehicle Technician (EVT)

Electric Vehicle Technicians work on vehicles powered solely by electricity. They perform routine maintenance like other mechanics; however, Electric Vehicle Technicians must have extensive knowledge of how lithium-ion batteries and automotive systems interact. In addition, they may replace hydraulically assisted systems with electric–powered systems, such as power-steering pumps or air-conditioning compressors, to improve fuel economy.

Certification is for individuals interested in attaining training from an ETA® International approved EV school. In this program students will develop skills in safety, troubleshooting and repairing of Electric Vehicles. Due to the high voltage (300 VDC and above) and safety issues involved, technicians are required to receive specialized training in both knowledge and hands-on skill items.

Radio Frequency Identification Technical Specialist (RFID)

This certification is intended for an electronics technician with an understanding of RFID. The technician should have a basic understanding of the hardware and theory of operation of radio communications as it applies to RFID radio transceiver technology. RFID is a stand-alone but can be used as a Journeyman option when the Associate exam is also taken and passed.