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Certified Alarm-Security Technician (CAST)

Alarm Security Technicians must be able to identify and describe the operations of alarms and have basic understanding of technology and its configuration, fiber optics-telecommunications, software, and computers and locks. The CAST will be able to explain, understand, and use block diagrams and schematics, digital concepts, software, hand tools-soldering, data communications, and cameras and intercoms.

Electronic Security Networking Technician (ESNT)

The ESNT was developed for technicians who have gained knowledge and skills needed to properly cable, connect, install, program and troubleshoot IP-enabled security devices onto local area networks and the Internet. This certification is an acknowledgement of the examinee’s familiarization and understanding of the hardware and theory of operation of this medium. It is a stand-alone certification that can also be used as a Journeyman option.

Residential Electronics Systems Integrator (RESI)

Residential Electronics Systems Integrator is a professional certification for those who design and oversee the installation and integration of electronics systems in residences and light commercial buildings. The objective of the Integrator is to produce a residential or light commercial electronics systems package that will allow all data, control, and communication signals to be integrated at the premise controller and converged into one secure cohesive communication stream, to either be used within the premise or to be passed back and forth through the gateway. The Integrator should be proficient in the many protocols used over diverse media to communicate with and control residential and light commercial electronics systems.

Audio/Video (AV)

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Security/Surveillance (SS)

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Environmental Control (EC)

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