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Telephony Network Basics
Speech Coding
Digital Transmission Hierarchies
Network Control
Introduction to Telecommunications Switching
Introduction to Transmission Systems
Introduction to Network Control
Basics of Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Networking
Overview of 802 Wireless
Business and Residential Access to WANs
Alternative Access Technologies
Residential VoIP
Basics of Data Concepts and Transmission
Layered Protocols
Characteristics of Packet Technology
Local Networks and LANs
Business and Residential Access to WANs
WAN Core Technologies
Overview of Enterprise Data Network
Basics of the Internet and Internet Protocols
Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Energy and Radio Transmission
Cellular Radio Basics
Cellular Call Basics
Cellular Access Technologies
Introduction to 3G and Mobile Internet
Overview of 802 Wireless
SS7 Basics Network Control
An Introduction to Radio Fundamentals
Channel Coding and RF Modulation Techniques
RF Transmission and Reception
Access Techniques
Microwave Site Selection and Planning
Frequency Selection and RF Interference
Link Budget Analysis
Installation and Proof of Performance
Introduction to OFDM and OFDMA for LTE, WiMAX, and Wi-Fi
Basics of Wireless Backhaul
Backhaul Media
Synchronization for Wireless Backhaul
Ethernet Backhaul
Ethernet Backhaul: Technical Overview
Alternative Access Technologies
Fiber to the Premises (FTTP)
WAN Core Technologies
Ethernet Evolution