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Programme Description

Students of Diploma in Integrated Security Systems Management acquire and apply the theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for correct and effective deployment of intrusion design systems within a variety of contexts.  Presented with a wide array of learning opportunities that aim at the distinct learning styles and purposes, students will develop comprehensive skills in change management, human interfaces within the intrusion system environment, culture and advanced communication skills. The course will utilize an interdisciplinary and international approach, that promotes the awareness and appreciation of the culture and perspectives of people in the different countries as applies to intrusion systems design. This course shall be taught over the period of 18 months or appropriate time frame to complete the units that shall have an equivalent of 60 Credits.

Criteria for Admission

The Entry Level Requirement for the programme consists of the following:

Five (5) O-Level (or equivalent) passes including Mathematics (CXC grade I or II / GCE grade A or B), English (CXC grade I, II or III / GCE grade A, B or C), and a Science Subject – preferably Physics (CXC General Proficiency – grade I, II or III / GCE equivalent grade A, B or C).

Students who fail to meet the above entry requirements can gain entry through:

  • Mature Entry Route (21 years and over) with at least three years related work experience.

Target Audience / Student Profile

This programme targets individuals both local and international and industry professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in Integrated Security System Management. A minimum class size of 15 students is necessary for the programme to run economically.

Major Pathway and Job Opportunities
The knowledge and the skills students will gain by completing this programme will enable he / she to gain a range of jobs in a number of industries, including the security, telecommunications, digital media, energy and financial industries. Our graduates have excellent problem solving, team-working and communication skills which makes them very attractive to modern interdisciplinary engineering companies. The following are job opportunities available to graduates:

  • Regional Sales Manager-  Security Systems
  • Service & Sales Engineer
  •  Security Analyst
  • Field Service/Installation Security Technician
  • Service Technicians
  • Electronic Security Service Technician
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Alarm/ Field Technician
  • Install Technician

Unique Features

One of the greatest advantages for students enrolled in the Integrated Security System Diploma is the unparalleled access to internship. These opportunities enable students to enrich their education with hands-on experience and to apply lessons learned in the classroom to professional settings. Students who maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 per year will have the opportunity to undergo a 9- to 11-week internship assignment occurring between June and August of each year.