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Telephony Network Basics
Speech Coding
Digital Transmission Hierarchies
Network Control
SS7 Basics
Intelligent Network Architectural Overview
SS7 Protocols: MTP and ISUP
SS7 Protocols: SSCP and TCAP
SS7 for Wireless and Voice over IP
AIN Call Model, Messaging and Triggers
Alternative IN Models: ITU, Wireless, and VoIP
ISDN Definitions and Applications
ISDN Standards Bodies
ISDN Model and CPE
ISDN Layer 3 Protocols
Layer 2 ISDN Standards
ISDN Physical Layer (Layer 1) Standards
QoS Overview
QoS Concepts and Mechanisms
Active Queue Management for QoS
QoS using Application & Transport Layer Techniques
Basic IP QoS
Enhanced IP QoS: IntServ and DiffServ
QoS Beyond IP: FR, ATM, and MPLS
Speech Coding
Digital Transmission Hierarchies
Transmission Technologies for T1 and DS3 Systems
Troubles and Testing for T1/DS1 and DS3 Systems
Telephone Access Loops and Impairments
WAN Core Technologies
VPN Overview and Classification
Virtual Private Network Implementation Options
Ethernet Evolution
Metropolitan Ethernet Networks
Ethernet Access and TDM Transport
Basics of Frame Relay
VoIP Architectures
Soft switch Motivations and Architecture
Soft switch Protocols
Soft switch Extensions and Evolution