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Great cell phone repair class

The cell phone repair class gave me a wider idea of phone repairs.

Roy St. Louis

Cell Phone Repairs Course

The introductory program, cell phone repair and maintenance provides the student with an integral understanding both in theoretical and practical aspects in old and modern technologies. Not only in the aforementioned field but in many other areas of study.

Richard Mohammed

Cell Phone Repair Course

I did a basic cell phone repair course and my opinion is it is very good. I enjoyed it and it was a good experience and I learnt a lot. The teachers, staff and workers have been the best to me and I enjoyed every second of their warm and very knowledgeable hospitality.
Thank You!

Umar Hosein

Cell Phone Repair and Maintenance

I was really elated to be part of the cell repair course. It has benefited me to a large extent because i can repair my own cell phone now and my friends' as well. I have also learnt how the cell phone operates.

Feraz Barcoo

I would recommend this institution!

My thoughts of ASTI, the institution is quite unique, it provides an ideal atmosphere for adult learning and as well young persons. The course that I participated in was FOI and it was well executed.  The teacher expounded on all the relevant areas that normally possess problems for students. The course for me was a bit of a challenge as I had no technical knowledge or experience in this field/subject. (FOI) but I was very determine to complete and did so successfully. I am very pleased with the administrative staff of ASTI and I would recommend this institution to anyone who wants to further their education

Rawl Carrington
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

ASTI takes Learning to new levels!

This institute takes learning to new levels. I'm not stopping here. All the way to the top.

Phillippe Cupid
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT)

They had me feeling like a top notch technician!

I have successfully Completed the FOI programme at ASTI. This course was very informative and well laid out. The lectures were great for both theory and practical. They had me feeling like a top notch technician. This course I will recommend to everybody and they are well accredited

Akil Patrick
Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics, Telecommunications

"Thanks to ASTI I am not just furthering my education but I am also improving my way of life. I have recommended all my workers and friends to also further their studies with ASTI and I would advise you to do the same. The school is conveniently located and the lecturers are second to none. The lab is also state of the art in keeping with modern technology. Kudos to ASTI"

Feraz Barcoo

This school is a great and excellent school

This school is a great and excellent school. This is the number 1 and only Telecommunication Institution in Trinidad and Tobago. I will recommend anybody to attend this institution, especially those who want a future in Telecommunications

John Allan
Nath's Communications

Lecturers are very informative!

The school is a good school. Lecturers are very informative. I’ll recommend other students to attend

Nigel Shim
Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force

The lecturers are excellent!

I have no problem with A.S.T.I. The lecturers are excellent. Their programs are phenomenal; My lecturers took the time to explain everything to me to ensure that I understood what was being taught. This is what Trinidad has been waiting for all along. Truly A.S.T.I is an exceptional Technical Institution. I would recommend A.S.T.I to any one any day.

Anderson Hemlee
Global Telecom

Great Institution for learning!

ASTI is a great Institution for learning. Excellent lecturers. If I have to say one word about ASTI it would be fantastic. I would recommend this school to anyone. Parents send your children to this institution

Kendell Henry
Nath's Communications

Very Interactive and Professional

I found Advanced Solutions Technical Institute to be very interactive and professional with respect to the information that was provided. It was a very flexible and comfortable learning environment. This was by far the best Tertiary School environment I have experienced and I am returning to ASTI to continue my education.

Dexter Crickshank
Nath's Communication