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Introduction to Basic Electronics The Basic Electronics certification is designed for technicians who have less than two years experience or trade school training for electronics technicians. The CETa is more in-depth than the Student Electronics Technician (SET) as it expands on all of the topics listed within the SET. Every Certified Electronics Technician (CET) candidate must pass [...]


The Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) The Broadband Premises Installer (BPI) certification describes the knowledge of an entry-level technician who will install and troubleshoot telecommunications services (video, voice, and data) at the customer’s premises. The successful certification candidate has the knowledge to carry out a basic "triple-play" installation but is not yet proficient. The BPI certification [...]


Wireless Network Administrator Wireless Technology Specialist Wireless Security Professional Wireless Design Professional Wireless Analysis Professional Wireless Network Expert Wireless Network Trainer Convergent Network Technologies Introduction to Wireless LANS Wireless Network Technician – Wireless Communication Electronics Technician Avionics Electronics Technician (AVN)


Mobile Phone Repair and Maintenance In this programme students learn how to diagnose, maintain and repair cell phones at an accelerated rate.  This class is for business owners, or anyone, who wants to get exposure to the fundamentals of cell phone repair in the shortest time frame possible.  If you have never taken a phone [...]


Computer Service Technician The Computer Service Technician performs hardware servicing and provides systems software skills for personal computers. The knowledge used includes Computer Assembly/Disassembly; Motherboards; Buses; System Resources, Processor Characteristics; Physical and Electronic Memory Characteristics; Secondary Storage Devices; Peripheral Devices; Ports; Power Concepts and Supplies; Basic Networking; Portables; Digital Concepts; Troubleshooting/Preventive Maintenance; Operating Systems; File [...]


Telecommunications Electronics Technician Telecommunications electronics technicians are expected to obtain knowledge of wired and wireless communications basic concepts, which are then applicable to various types of voice, data and video systems. Telecommunications Electronics Technicians must be knowledgeable and have abilities in the following technical areas: Cables and Cabling, Analog Telephony, Equipment, Telecom Safety and Mathematics, [...]