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Breaking News!!!! A.S.T.I & CNET partnership

Advanced Solutions technical institute has now partnered with the internationally recognized CNET. With this new collation we now offer online courses in the following:

Certified Telecommunications Project Management (CTPM®)

Program Overview

Project management adds value by improving the execution of strategy through repeatable, reliable performance and standardization

It brings integration of resources within an organisation through the removal of silos and facilitates the implementation of improved communication and collaboration. It also reveals opportunities for efficiency, savings and improved quality through the project life-cycle.

The CTPM® program is designed to enable delegates to ensure good project management that will, in turn, help the result of the project improve its performance.


Certified Data Center Technician Professional (CDCTP®)

Program Overview

Learn how to increase the operational capability and productivity of the Data Center to continually meet the demands of the business.

The Certified Data Center Technician Professional (CDCTP®) program is aimed at the numerous technicians across the spectrum of a mission critical Data Center facility providing a holistic understanding of the key environments and their dependencies and inter-dependencies they have upon one another.

The program has been designed to address the need for a designation that allows individuals to demonstrate unrivaled levels of skill and knowledge and to assist them to become key operational assets in their organisation and Data Center facility.

Ensuring zero downtime within the mission critical Data Center environment involves having highly competent technicians on board that have unrivaled technical knowledge and skills regarding every environment of these mission critical facilities. Those with CDCTP® certification are increasingly seen as a vital component to the smooth running of any Data Center operation and the program will give delegates the ability to identify, decipher, impact assess and remedy potential problems quickly, decisively and accurately. This program addresses the wide range of subjects relevant to the Data Center technician including a detailed breakdown of the key operating environments (power, cooling, IT and supporting systems), the necessary operational policies, procedures and compliance based legislation, Standards (National & International) and codes of conduct, as well as detailed analysis of current measuring, monitoring and auditing techniques.

This is a content rich program where the technical content is continually updated to reflect the key industry recognized developments covering installation, maintenance (routine and preventive planned) and decommissioning working practices. The CDCTP® also takes into account the requirements of the latest version of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Center Energy Efficiency and TIA 942-A, industry best practice documentation.