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What does G.A.T.E. stand for?

G.A.T.E. stands for ‘Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses’

What is G.A.T.E.?

Tuition is paid by the government for students who qualify for G.A.T.E. Approved Courses. G.A.T.E. is managed by the Funding and Grants Administration Unit of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education (M.S.T.T.E.). More information is available at http://stte.gov.tt/Programmes/GATE/FAQ.aspx

How do students qualify for G.A.T.E.?

To be eligible for G.A.T.E., students must:
1. Be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

2. Have resided in Trinidad and Tobago for a minimum period of three (3) years immediately prior to submitting an application for funding

3. Satisfy the G.A.T.E. Entry Requirements for the relevant programme

4. Must have completed previous G.A.T.E. programme successfully and have no outstanding G.A.T.E. issues.

5. Not be currently receiving G.A.T.E.

How do students register for G.A.T.E.?

Eligible students will be registered for G.A.T.E during programme registration.

Which programmes are GATE Approved?

G.A.T.E Approved Programmes include:
Telecommunications Systems Diploma
Information Technology Diploma


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