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Fibre Optics And Wireless Technologies Engineering Explore how you can advance your career in this area of study

Fibre Optics And Wireless Technologies Engineering Faculty

Fiber Optics is a fantastic career that will take you to new heights of expertise. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and along with it you will get to learn more about the ways fiber is changing the world in which we live. Fiber optic technology plays a major part in many businesses today, as most demand a faster, more secure, and larger communication system for their network operations. In the next few years, an increasing number of industries will be looking for new innovative solutions offered by fiber optics, including opportunities in the healthcare and maritime industry etc. Without any doubt, the wireless network is an extraordinary technology that has entirely changes the means of communication. In fact, it becomes the major option of any business because of its salient features such as Networking Projects, speed, mobility, and Wi-Fi. For instance, Wireless Network Projects give a massive profit to several enterprises such as energy, process improvements, and energy. Fiber optic engineers are part of a whole team of people who make this global connectivity possible.

Programme Duration:

6 Months or 1 Year 

Mode of Study:

Home Study / Online Learning Sessions



A high school diploma or an associate degree (or global equivalent), Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate degree, or the global equivalent). 

Other Requirements:

No special requirements or prerequisites are needed to take this course, but some extra skills using laptop/computer and internet, E-mail for communications will help. 

Training Delivery:

The course duration will comprise 80 hours or 90 hours of self-study home based or lecture based delivery. The 80 or 90 hours will be delivered in 6 to 7 sessions online distance learning based on given course materials. 

In addition to core course content, students have the choice of OPTIONAL SUBJECTS (Any one /Two subjects can be chosen): 

  • Cellular Technologies
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Fundaments of Communication System and Networks
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • 5G, 6G & Advanced Technologies 

Students are required to complete the following tasks:

  • Fiber Optics Communication Engineering or Wireless Network Engineering Certification Test MCQ Questions answer practicing 
  • Fiber Optics Communication Engineering or Wireless Network Engineering Test Board Questions/TMA (Tutor Mark Assignment) 
  • Fiber Optics Communication Engineering or Wireless Network Engineering Case Studies 
  • Exercises and projects

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